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Name of TemplateCategoryLink
**NEW**Drug-Free Workplace Policy OH Nurse
**NEW**5S - Practice of Housekeeping (PPT) Safety Officer
**NEW**Defensive Driving (PPT) Safety Officer
Stomach Ache/Abdominal ProblemHealth
Paralystic Shellfish PoisoningHealth
100+ SAfety and Health TemplatesHealth
Maternal and ChildHealth
Cough/Respiratory DisorderHealth
Complications of Pregnancy.pptHealth
Cancer_9 Warning Signs.docxHealth
**New**Growth and Development.pptHealth
OSH - Standards 2019 (DOLE)Safety Officer
Aneurysm (PPT)OH Nurse
Sexually Transmitted Disease(PPT)OH Nurse
Workers Screening - SubConSafety Officer
Emergency Preparedness and Response TeamOH Nurse
Permit to WorkSafety Officer
Certificate of Employment-SampleHR Officer
AWOL LetterHR Officer
Emergency ProcedureERT
Job Hazard AnalysisSafety Officer
Ambulance ChecklistERT
Annual Health PlanOH Nurse
Annual Health Plan TemplateOH Nurse
Conduct and Performance Observation Checklist (PREMIUM)OH Nurse
Secodary Survey Form - First AidERT
Communication Letter - First Aid TrainingERT
Role of First AiderERT
First Aid GuideERT
Patient Referral FormOH Nurse
Report of Disease - PresentationOH Nurse
Program Management ReportSafety Officer
Accomplishment Report - SignagesSafety Officer
Attendance SheetSafety Officer
Fire Extinguisher LocatorSafety Officer
CHSP Template - ComprehensiveSafety Officer
Hazards ListSafety Officer
HIRAC Sample - GrindingSafety Officer
HIRAC Sample - Moving MaterialsSafety Officer
HIRAC Sample - Using Spray PaintSafety Officer
HIRAC Sample - Use of ComputerSafety Officer
Health Statistics And Dashboards (PREMIUM)OH Nurse
DOLE Required Medicines AuditOH Nurse
Annual PlanOH Nurse
Attendance Sheet - Health ActivitiesOH Nurse
Training RoadmapOH Nurse
Urine Color PosterOH Nurse
Application Letter FormatHR Officer
Employee of the Month - CertificateHR Officer
Certificate of OnenessHR Officer
Leave Recording Workbook (PREMIUM)HR Officer
Performance Appraisal - SOHR Officer
Checklist of RequirementsHR Officer
SSS-EC Computation (Premium)HR Officer
Resume Format - SampleHR Officer
HSE Dashboards TemplateSafety Officer
HIRAC Sample - WeldingSafety Officer
Minutes of the MeetingSafety Officer
PPE MatrixSafety Officer
Report of HazardSafety Officer
Risk AssessmentSafety Officer
Site Inspection ChecklistSafety Officer
Tag-in Tag-out Sample DesignSafety Officer
Safe Work Procedure SampleSafety Officer
Template Pack (All-in-One) for $10(Php500)Safety Officer and OH Nurse

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Employees' skills in performing a specific task improve as a result of training. An improvement in skills usually leads to an increase in output and output quality. Existing staff benefit much from training as well. It assists them in improving their performance on their current job duties.

    Now, according to INDEED.COM there are 11 Benefits of Employee Training:
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Uniformity of work processes
  • Reduced wastage
  • Reduced supervision
  • Promoting from within
  • Improved organizational structure
  • Boosted morale
  • Improved knowledge of policies and goals

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