Software Features

"Secure Login"

Data Protection as One of the Most Important Task

Your Data Privacy is Important to us, the same reason why we have included password protection on our software. This protection is quite similar with losking the workbook, but this is more interactive and artistic.

Even if they have copied the file, there is no way intruder can access the content of the software. My recommendation to this - is not to share the username and password to anyone, and do not add another admin.

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"Profile Management"

Dynamic Encoding, Uploading, and Updating of Data (Digital 201)

This vba programming, this feature will enable the users to enjoy the automation of data encoding. Every data input and deletion automatically updates database and selection of data to display is just a click away!

With the addition of Profile Photo uploading, you will surely enjoy the data that is being displayed in the profile and convenience will be achieve because you will be able to know your employees face (not just the data).

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"Employee Attachment"

Upload and Access Any Employee File (PDF,DOC,XLS,etc)

Every employee has their own file attached in a folder called 201 files. This feature enables you to upload an employee file whether its a word, excel, pdf, or image. This will be saved directly on a database with employees name on it.

The great thing in this feature is that, you can access the uploaded file using this software. There is no need for you to locate it on your disk.

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"Record Safety Standards"

Safety Compliance in PPE, Orientation, Trainings and Seminars

As HR, Safety Officer, or OH Nurses, we try to record everything especially when its about compliance. In here, you will be able to record HR Orientation, Record of Training, Seminars and Drills.

The recording style of this feature is per employee, which means it will display the data of the employee selected on the "Employee Name"

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"Consultation and Treatment"

Record and Print Medical Intervention Made to the Employees

Your Company Nurses will surely benifit this feature. Nurses will be able to record and print the cases that were sent in the clinic. It will be saved on a database in which you will later export as your backup data. Nurses can also record the treatment prescribed by the Physician and record in case it's an accident.

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"Violation Records"

Record your Employees Violation, with Customizable List

It is very hard to scan for violation files, unless it was recorded digitally. This feature enables the user to record employee violation and put a remarks if it it already served or not.

This customizable dropdown-list will definitely save your time. If there's no option on the list, you can dynamically add it.

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"HSSE Program"

Create HSSE Programs that can be viewed by other software users

Successful implementation need well built plans and programs. This is the reason why we added HSSE Programs Features. Users can record HSE Programs that can be viewed by the team who has access to the profile. The advantage is that you and your team get reminded ny checking this feature.

This feature is divided into four (4) Programs - Health, Safety, Security and Environment. You can record the programs separately.

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"Leave Entry"

Record Employees Leave Application with Search Features

One of the best way to track employees performance is through their leave applications. Leave is healthy, is is a benefit that we gave to each employee. But, to much leave is another story. I could affect the tasks and the productivity.

This feature enables user to input and monitor leave application. Dynamic search feature is also added for easy data searching. HR Officers benefit most from this feature.

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"Medical Assistance Recording"

Record Medical Assistance Benefit Given to Employees

There are companies who gives Medical Assistance to their employees. Whether in form of cash or reimbursement, this program is great to lessen the medical expenses and financial trouble our employees are experiencing. To those who uses this program, this feature works great!

With this feature, you can set limit, search the total usage of employees, monitor the expenses, print and export the data and many more..

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"Accident and Incident Recording"

Record Accident and Incident with Dynamic Tracker/Dashboards

One of our best features is the Accident and Incident Entry. We used comprehensive approach in this feature. We have included injury details, accident analysis including production and asset losses. You can also post an accident image and annotate your findings.

This feature has also tracker and dashboards. The data you recorded is automatically interpreted in a dashboard where you can print and export.

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"Health Declaration Form"

Digital Recording of Health Declaration form (COVID-RELATED)

Health Declaration Forms is required when entering on a Business Establishments nowadays, it will be used to as a contact-tracing method for COVID-19. You can record the Health Declaration Form digitally by using this feature.

You can also view the summary of the data you recorded, and print it right away!

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"More Features..... "

Check Admin Settings and Other Exciting Features!

You should these features! There's more to this software that meets the eye!

  • Policy Upload - Upload and Store your Policies in a Unique Folder
  • Multiple Users - Ability to Add another software user
  • Organizational Chart - Upload photo and Create Organizational chart
  • File Management - Upload, access and manage your existing files
  • Safety Summary - Monitor Summary like 1 million safe man-hours and accidents
  • HMO Management - Record your medical utilization for HMO
  • Autogenerated Forms - Create COE, PIS, PHIC Contribution with few clicks
  • Accident Tracker - Track your accident Records
  • Database Access - Access all databases
  • Lead and Lag Indicators - Check the leading and lagging indicators based on the data encoded
  • OSH Reportorials - create WAIR and COVID-WAIR OSH Reports
  • SSS-EC Computation - Solve SSS-EC Reimbursement easily using this feature

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