Things to remember when creating an Excel-based Application

By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - April 23, 2023
Things to remember when creating an Excel-based Application

Creating an application or software is not easy, it requires skills and dedication to accomplish a single project. I see, not all of us are happy with the type of system of recording we obtain from previous endorsements. If you are like me who wants change and upgrades, this is for you.

The upgrade I am referring to is EXCEL-VBA, this is a type of programming using Microsoft Excel's Macros. You can automate your workbook using these features.

This is the Summary of things that you should do when you plan to make a Macro-Enabled Workbook Project.

1. Determine the purpose of the application

You should ask yourself of the following questions first:

👉What is your Job?

👉What do you do?

👉What are your Duties and Responsibilities?

👉What files do you currently have?

This is my experience - I am a company Nurse. I am tasked with the following tasks; Leave application, Medical Assistance, Accident Recording, and Consultation and treatment Recording. So I made a workbook that acts as a one-stop-shop for all of my recording needs.

 2. Outline your plan in Excel 

Create a record of anything of what you want to do with your app. Record every single detail on a notepad and/or with a pen and paper.

These details should be on your record:
👉I want to add Employee
👉I want to Add Leave
👉I want an automated Employee Number
👉I want to upload file
👉I want to upload Profile Photo

Record and put it into writing all of the things that you want to do with your app. I encourage you to write it in a note or create a sheet for all of your future features. Do not trust your memory, it will soon fail.

 3. Learn how to code using Excel VBA - Create sample apps 

I learned how to code VBA using free tutorials on google. If you have a budget, you can always purchase Excel-VBA for Dummies or any tutorials on YouTube. I will be creating tutorials soon. :D

 4. Create your App 

In creating your app, try not to get distracted with the vast promising features of Excel-VBA. The more complicated the task you want to do, the more complicated the code you will have to write. Try to create simple codes like data entry and graphs :D... Do not put stress on yourself.

5. Test and Debug

Lastly, test and debug your app. To do this, use the app more often and put more data as much as possible. Use it and observe for the errors you encounter and note it.  After getting the list of all the errors, try to fix it. Here, you will develop skills in research on how to fix your codes.

Congratulations! After testing and debugging, you might have accomplished your Excel-VBA Project Workbook. You can use it with your company, or you can sell it online. After all, it is your creation, and credit goes to you!

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