Leave Recording - Why is it important?

By Mark Agustin Barcebal - April 29, 2023
Leave Recording - Why is it important?


Keeping an accurate record of employees’ leave is not just a case of ensuring data protection. There are some good reasons why leave application of employees should be diligently managed, tracked, and paid.

One of the many good reasons for documenting employees’ leave correctly is that it will keep the company on the right side of the law. There are important labor protection laws that employees rely on to this day. One of these is the law in relation to leave benefits that employees are entitled to. The existence of this law ensures that employees get the leave they are legally entitled to. Hence, a company that keeps accurate documents of employees leave can avoid errors in leave entitlement and payment calculations, which results in employees getting the accurate amount of leave and pay, and companies avoiding having to pay backdated leave, or worse, copping a fine after facing legal consequences for their failure of doing their legal obligations to their employees.



Another good reason for recording employees’ leave is for companies to properly plan the employees' leave which ensures the company of having adequate cover and not having to scramble and risk getting caught short. Recording employees’ leave allows the company to plan leave cover. This helps the company reduce work disruptions, ensuring that there is no drop in productivity and that the company can continue to meet its obligations and deadlines. This will also mean that there is no dent in other employees’ morale since no one will be asked to take on extra work because the company forgot to properly plan the employees’ leave.

One more good reason is that employees getting their leave properly managed also means employees having more confidence and trust in their company. Employees in any business want to know that their company is organized. Proper documentation will not lead to poorly managed employees’ leave. If several employees take leave at the same time, the remaining employees will have to do extra work to cover for others. This situation could lead to resentment especially if this happens regularly. Documenting employees’ leave allows both the company and its employees to see their leave balances and request leave and provides transparency to everyone. Furthermore, employees who have more confidence and trust in their company are happier, more engaged, and motivated to work. They will be more productive, which is beneficial to the company in its goal to succeed. 

One last good reason for documenting leave is for companies to reduce absenteeism. Documentation of employees’ leave gives companies and employees a much better understanding of leave patterns, so if there are some issues regarding absences, companies will have the chance to work on solutions with their employees. Even though it is essential that employees take leave to promote good physical and mental health and to improve their work-life balance, which reduces stress and unscheduled days off, absences can have a big impact on the operation of any business.  If companies do not accurately document and track employees’ leave, they may not know how many days a year their employees are taking and how much that is affecting their business.

This is quite a tiring job for the human resource officer, but there are applications of software that will ease the task in the recording. Take, for example, the HR-HSSE Workbook, which is an Employee Management software capable storing of recording employee leave. It has also the capability to filter the record based on the name, date, department, and etc. With this, you can easily search for an employee's record and print it right away!

Here's the screenshot of the app


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