5 Things You Should Do During COVID-19 Outbreak (as Safety Officers)

By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - July 21, 2021

5 Things You Should Do During COVID-19 Outbreak (as Safety Officers)

1. Read the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Book (yellow book)

We all know the yellow book, it is the bible of safety officers. It contains the standards and law that governs our practice as safety officers.

As Safety Officers, we fight using our brains. We have to learn how to become a leader, how to become a resource person, and how to become the person who secures the continuity of a business. Therefore, we have to be knowledgeable.

How we are going to do that? Read read read and read!

2. Learn how to make HIRAC

HIRAC means Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Control. This is an advanced course for safety officers. In order to obtain a certificate, you have to attend 8-hour training about HIRAC.

There are more ways on how to learn this. I cannot give you the training myself because I cannot summarize an 8-hour course by just one article. You can watch on Youtube, you can Google it or ask any person who undergone the training.

I will be sharing with you my own HIRAC Template. This can be downloaded on the "FREE TEMPLATES" page and search for the HIRAC Template. You can also find lots of ready-to-use templates for your reference.

3. Obtain copies of Department Orders/Executive Orders/New Laws regarding COVID-19

It is best to obtain information from valid sources to avoid misinformation and fake news. Nowadays, it's very difficult to spot whether the information we are reading or watching from Youtube, Facebook, and other social media sites were valid and verified or not.

If my research were right, here are a few of the links that you might need if you want to collect the COVID-19 new Philippine Laws, Issuance, Resolution, Executive Orders, and other related writings.

I have also included worldwide COVID-19 general guidelines.
a. Official Gazette of Philippines
b. Department of Health (DOH)
c. COVID-19 Philippines Official Website
d. Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
e. World Health Organization (WHO)
f. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Study these and you will never be considered as "OUTDATED" :D

4. Create Safety Programs

Safety Program is the bloodline of our work as a Safety Officer. This is where we determine our objectives, create plans, designate persons who will act with the objectives, and set timelines. The safety program is always linked to innovation. With this, we will be able to solve current safety and health-related problem or incidences that might happen.

Safety Officer's success is determined when the programs will be marked as completed. Credit will always be given to the people behind it.

One of the features of the HR-HSSE Workbook is the recording of the safety program. In fact, it is categorized into four programs - Safety, Health, Security, and Environment.

The template of the Safety Program is the same as shown in the image. You can make it as a reference or add other details necessary for your company's needs. It is entirely up to you :D

5. Compile your Safety and Health Portfolio

There are many ways on how to file your portfolio. Here are the lists of the option you can choose on what to do with your files.

a. If you wish to save your portfolio online, try saving it on cloud storage. Well, there are tons of cloud services available on the internet. In my case, I used Mega Cloud Storage due to its enormous storage capacity of 50 Gigabyte for free.

b. Create a LinkedIn Profile. You can upload your resume, upload your projects and files in there. There are also possibilities that your work will be seen within the online community.

c. Learn Blogging. There are free sites just like I am using. You can upload your files for public consumption if you wish to share your works.

d. Print all your files and have them bind like a book. It will live for a long time.

And there you have it!!

If you followed these steps, I am very certain that you become KNOWLEDGEABLE, UPDATED, WELL-EQUIPPED, and ESTABLISHED!

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