10 Positive Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic

By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - December 6, 2020
10 Positive Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19Pandemic has affected many people worldwide. The economy shrunk due to financial loss and instability. We are on a terrible loss! To date, 424,084 people have died because of this disease. We are talking about deaths and losses here, How about gain?

Now that topic is what we are going to discuss here.

*    *    *

My wife is always few steps ahead of me when we talked about life's perspectives, problem-solving, and spiritual aspects. I asked her about the reasons why we should thank COVID-19. Today, with our combined efforts, we will share to you the "10 Positive Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic".

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

#1. Rest
Before this Pandemic, whether you are a businessman or an employee, consider yourself that you are in an endless loop of tasks. The task to earn money for business and tasks to get your job done in the office. We felt tired sometimes and in countless of times, wished to be sleeping all day long and get self a break with the endless loop. So? How was it? You are actually doing it right now! 

From a health perspective, you are already at a healing stage. If you considered yourself stressed because of the job, you are healed now. For past 2 months, your mind are already free from clutters, your body is already at its full strength. That's the first benefit of the COVID!

#2. Bonding with Family
This is not be applicable to all because there are some stranded individuals somewhere, but, we are not going to talk about negativity here. We will be talking about the good things. 

If you think your job has taken all the time in the world, and you only spent little with your family, this is your chance to prove that you care for them and willing to spend your precious time with them. Alternate options to those who are not around, you can always call. I am sure you are not deprived of the internet, so try calling them on skype, zoom, Facebook, or any social media platform that offers video talks.

Another good thing that COVID-19 obviously gave to us is the TIME!. If managed in a good way, well, there's a lot of things to do. This is contrary to #1 reason :D - Do not just sleep in there!

#3. There's equality between Rich and Poor
Before this pandemic, there is a distinction between Rich and Poor. For example, rich people are often on vacation while poor people enjoy the comfort of their homes. Today, whether rich or poor, we should STAY at HOME! 

Here are some examples:
-Rich people always visits the mall to buy expensive gifts while poor people only visit the mall to buy gifts only when there's an occasion. But because malls are closed, both of them are not in the mall!
-Rich people spend more on their looks, but today, both rich and poor cover their faces.

There are many to mention, and we will not talk about everything here. :D Just a summary. 

#4. People learned to Follow Rules
Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, economic status, we all follow the same rule:
*Physical and Social Distancing
*No Face mask - No Entry
*No Food and Medicine Pass - No Entry
*No Social gatherings
*No Rally etc.

This is something we should be grateful of. Prior to this pandemic, did you appreciate the curfew? Are you happy seeing the news about hundreds of people gathering for a rally? Are you washing your hands?

Now, all of us are... For the first time in my existence, I appreciate people following very simple rules.

#5. People Actually Stepped Out from Greed
I see a lot of people offering their help to those who are in need. If we do not appreciate help from the Government before (maybe due to corruption), now, you can see with your own eyes that the Government is willing to help its people. That's what we do not see every day. 

COVID-19 might have triggered the goodness of the heart of our politicians.  Today, we can determine who is willing to help and who are not. Those willing are being seen. While the unwilling, with the known capability to help - are in their caves afraid and selfish.

#6. We are forced to our limits
After the long sleep and rest, time to move forward. Now, it is a different scenario. Why? Businesses are down and employment status is unstable. If you are one of the employee who lost their job, you are doomed!

Nah! - It's a Lie!

You are not doomed of course. There are things you can do. Learn to be flexible! Learn new skills! You haven't reached your limit yet. There's lot in this world for you to enjoy.

Find it!

Next might reason might give you slight of idea :D

#7. Rise of Online Entrepreneurs
Let's say you lost the job and COVID is still around. No malls, no stores and no businesses around. Let's make that to our advantage and start an online business!

And this is my story...

Last March 14, 2020 was supposed to be my flight from Davao to Manila and from Manila to Melbourne, Australia. I had my Student Visa Approved and really excited on my supposed to be "First International Travel". Our plans turned upside down when my flight was cancelled!

It's a long story on how I moved on. I tried to proactively thought of the "Good" things about the cancellation of flight, and turns out that, what happened to me was at my advantage.

Then, I started my online business. Here I am selling digital products and I feel so satisfied. I own my time, I enjoyed all great benefits of sleeping and got a chance to enjoy the social media while selling.

#8. This Disease Brings People Closer to God
We all know that Churches are closed. But, we can see in all media and social media platforms that people are seeking God's guidance and protection for this disease. As I have said earlier, this something that we do not see every single day. To add, although Churches are closed physically, we can view preaching online. Peoples creativity are appearing right before our eyes. The worse this pandemic becomes; the more people are talking to God.

Who to thank? 

I think it's COVID!

Definitely COVID!

#9. Health Care Workers are Valued
In Philippine settings, before pandemic, Nurses are not that valued. They suffered a lot with high workloads and small benefits. Same reason why nurses are trying their luck outside the county. A country where they could enjoy their profession and also enjoy the salary they are gaining. 

I am also a Nurse, and yeah, I am on my way to AUSTRALIA :D - but I understand there are some delays. The longer you wait, the better. At least I have time with this Blog and this Business :D

Now... What is the result of Pandemic? Government is offering 2,000 per day (if my sources were true) to work as frontliners. In fact, those frontliners who died due to this disease had already received the Governments promised. As to private hospitals, I always see job posting about "HIRING NURSES" on my Facebook news page.

See? That's the Effect of COVID...

We are being valued!

#10. Earth is Healing
Because there's less automobile running on highways, less factory is operating and less planes flying above us, the results are awesome! According to one of the article I read in BBC News - "Air Pollution is Falling as the Virus Spreads". This is because of my prior statement.

Who to thank?

The air pollution falls, fish in the sea have their time and chances to multiply, less trees are being cut, and more flowers are blooming. If we want to dig more about the effects of COVID in the environment, there's more. This will be proved by the Environmentalist studying Environmental Impact Assessment.

                                   *    *    *

In conclusion, of course, as I have said, all of us experienced a lot of pain and suffer a terrible loss. But another way of dealing with it is to deal with your mindset. It is by proactively looking for a good reason in every situation.

Thank you of reading this article. If you have comments, suggestions and recommendation. Feel free to talk to us in the comment section :D

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