By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - August 6, 2021
"How to Open Macro-Enabled Workbooks"The Macro-enabled WorkbooksMacro-enabled workbooks are way cooler than the normal workbook you have. With this feature enabled, you can do a lot of things from programming to automation. So, before you can enjoy the best of the benefits of macro-enabled workbooks, you should set your Microsoft Excel first.Our Workbook works best in Microsoft Office 2016 and up so you'll need to get information about the excel version first.PropertiesMacro-enabled workbooks have dot-xlsm (.xlsm) filename. So, at first glance, it is easily distinguished. If you cant see that .xlsm on the file name, right-click the file and view ...
By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - August 6, 2021
How to Create an Excel-based application using VBA (Outlining the Main points)Creating an application or software is not easy, it requires skills and dedication to accomplish a single project. I see, not all of us are happy with the type of system of recording we obtain from previous endorsements. If you are like me who wants change and upgrades, this is for you.The upgrade I am referring to is EXCEL-VBA, this is a type of programming using Microsoft Excel's Macros. You can automate your workbook using these features.This is the Summary of things that you should do when you plan ...
By Mark Agustin Barcebal - August 6, 2021
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO RECORD EMPLOYEES LEAVE APPLICATION?Keeping an accurate record of employees’ leave is not just a case of ensuring data protection. There are some good reasons why leave application of employees should be diligently managed, tracked, and paid.One of the many good reasons for documenting employees’ leave correctly is that it will keep the company on the right side of the law. There are important labor protection laws that employees rely on to this day. One of these is the law in relation to leave benefits that employees are entitled to. The existence of this law ensures ...
By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - July 21, 2021
5 Things You Should Do During COVID-19 Outbreak (as Safety Officers)1. Read the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Book (yellow book)We all know the yellow book, it is the bible of safety officers. It contains the standards and law that governs our practice as safety officers.As Safety Officers, we fight using our brains. We have to learn how to become a leader, how to become a resource person, and how to become the person who secures the continuity of a business. Therefore, we have to be knowledgeable.How we are going to do that? Read read read and read!2. Learn how ...
By Marcelo III Saplagio, RN - December 6, 2020
10 Positive Effects of COVID-19 PandemicCOVID-19Pandemic has affected many people worldwide. The economy shrunk due to financial loss and instability. We are on a terrible loss! To date, 424,084 people have died because of this disease. We are talking about deaths and losses here, How about gain? Now that topic is what we are going to discuss here.*    *    *My wife is always few steps ahead of me when we talked about life's perspectives, problem-solving, and spiritual aspects. I asked her about the reasons why we should thank COVID-19. Today, with our combined efforts, we will share to ...

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